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New Customer

New Customer

WC Consult & Broking

We are very happy that WC Consult & Broking chose us as their Digital Presence partner.

It has never been more important to have your brand and offerings available over the “net”. Most people are confined to their homes & most business forced to shut their doors.

How do you still make a living?

One very successful method it to promote your services through a website, that is easily accessible on any device with a half decent connection.

Reach the masses confined to their homes, leverage their desire to find and explore new places and people online.

WC Consult & Broking chose Make It Easy!

Make It Easy helped get this customer up and running with a professional and modern website, we created their Logo and setup their Facebook & Instagram pages – all within the space of one week.

Make It Easy Services Rendered

Choose Make It Easy as your digital presence partner!

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